Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Thought of the day

A few days ago I found out that something was wrong in London, people were on the streets and fire was everywhere. Today you can read about dead people and you will see one question on the front "Can this happen to Germany too?" WTF? I mean we don´t have enough problems or what? Why thinking about that shit? I´m coming home, and the first thing I see is this sentence of a german news side ... I mean it´s not like we could stop this at all, so why question it?
You ask if it could happen that people get on the streets and say and show us what they think about our society and about everything that´s decided for us? Well I guess you have your answer.

I know you might think something else, but you know what? I´m a human being with free thoughts so keep it. We don´t know what they might think and why they´re doing this( maybe we do, but thats not the point) We´re always saying this is wrong and I think this person is stupid because .... but why don´t we do something against it? Why are we still sitting at home doing nothing?

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