Freitag, 27. März 2009

Mehr von Stephenie Meyers "Save the Book Babe!"

The epilogue to Forever Dawn (FD being the original sequel to Twilight)* — This piece was written January of 2004, before I had started to edit Twilight. It's pretty fluffy, just something I wrote because I wanted to spend some more time with Edward and Bella. The epilogue revolves around the minor character, Max—J Jenk's assistant—who had a slightly longer interaction with Bella in Forever Dawn. Because Twilight was still unedited, a few odd things remain, like Rosalie being called Carol. It's about 3100 words long.

My Eclipse Prom dress — This is the story behind my rather over-the-top dress: the idea for the Eclipse Prom began with a fan suggestion that I do one of my events with a formal dress requirement, to give us all a chance to dress up. I loved the idea, so we created the Eclipse Prom. In order to encourage people to come all fancy without worrying about being overdressed, I promised that my dress would out-formal every other dress in attendance. I made this promise rashly, as it's harder to find ball gowns than one might think. After much searching, I saw this gorgeous red satin wedding dress in the window of a couture bridal shop. Yes, it's actually a wedding dress. I bought it in a panicked rush a day before leaving the country for some events. I had the shop take about eight feet of train off, and make me the little jacket with the extra fabric. And, though it was close in a few cases, I think I made good on my rash promise.


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