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Neues Interview mit Kristen Stewart

So, in Adventureland, you're damaged, you say?
“I’ve never met a terribly introverted and damaged girl at a theme park in the '80's [laughs]. I related to her because I like characters that are written that are whole … it's easy to tell what would be right and wrong and how they would feel about something because they're very defined … I could imagine what it would be like to not like yourself very much and not have a mom and not have a dad to reassure you and sort of be kicking it alone and feel like you're sort of smarter than everyone but no one gets it.”

Wait a sec, "masochistic?"
“I don't think she's too excited about [dating a much older guy]. I think it's masochistic … It's an outlet for her, and it's just something that she can go do, and it's mindless, and it's like she has this void, and it's not necessarily being filled by that -- but it's a distraction. She's not proud of it … She's ashamed of it.”

Would you rather: work the games or work the rides?
“It's kind of a toss-up because more human interaction goes along with games, but then the physical aspects of the rides isn't appealing for me. I would rather be the janitor, no joke. I would literally rather clean up everyone's mess and not have to talk to them or work their rides.”

Kristen, you're a ‘90s child playing an ‘80s chick.
“[I like] Madonna and like neon colors. The style was very distinct, and it's coming back, too. Everyone's sort of got like an '80s feel … we were given like a big booklet of information that wasn't very important. There was like a yuppie boom, all of a sudden everybody became very materialistic and wanted to look rich.”

And you're doing it again in Runaways!
“I just saw [Joan Jett]. She's really good. She, like, penetrates you with her gaze, literally. She's a badass. She's the ultimate cool -- like really deep, too. She's very thoughtful. She could sit in a room full of chattering people and music, and she's just sitting there. Then something crazy'll happen, and you're like, ‘Joan, did you see that?’ And she'll be like, ‘No.’ She's very thoughtful, and she loves what she does. She cares about so many people. She's an activist. She's really amazing.”

Can we hear you sing? Please?
“I want to very badly, but I also want it to sound right, and I don't know if it'll be a combination where they lay our voices on top of each other or if it'll be just her or just me. We'll see. We'll see how able the other actors are to play the music themselves. It would be awesome. We're definitely on band practice.”

OK, fine, what about you + guitar-smashing?
“The relationship that's really interesting is Cheri and Joan, the two front men of the band. They get tattoos together in Japan and obviously they still have those tattoos. I'm looking forward to that just because it's such a fun part of the movie. I like the big conflict. Cheri can't really handle the success, nor does she want it necessarily in that respect. Joan is a very steady, self-assured, and she knows this kick started her whole career. So to watch it all fall apart and her still stand, I'm excited about that. It's a really explosive scene. Amps are kicked through, and guitars are smashed.”

Um ... we have to talk about New Moon, you know that.
“[We are] just picking up where we left off. The story, there's like a six-month period where the first one ended, and the second one picks up, but nothing has changed. They're at a good, solid point in their relationship. I'm interested to see him leave because that's what the first one is entirely based on, that abandoned devotion ultimate love story. Now she's going to be stripped of that, and Bella is actually an interesting character on her own.”

Steroids? Jacob? Wha?
Taylor Lautner is Jacob. It was under deliberation for a while, so we're glad that he's doing it … He's jacked. It's crazy … He's not on steroids … I've seen the steady progression, and I've seen him a lot since then. If I had seen Taylor who did Twilight to the Taylor right now who's about to start New Moon, he's an entirely different person physically. I mean, it took him so much time. He's so devoted. He's amped, really excited.”

Who's gonna direct Eclipse?!
“As long as they get someone who's invested, as long as they get someone who cares. I don't know, it's so above me, but I think that both of them are in their own way, I'm sure that they'd be great. Drew [Barrymore]'s been doing this her whole life, and she's pretty cool. I could probably get behind [her or Juan Antonio Bayona] for various reasons but… nobody's been hired so I don't know yet.”

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