Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

Vampire training

Sorry my schedule has been wonk ass all day. Was at press screening for a movie this morning, then shooting for eTalk, now in and out of meetings, then headed to Project Runway.

Please forgive. Am rushing to post.

To make up for it, to Twilight fans anyway, especially those who lust for Robert Pattinson, and I know there are legions of you because your emails keep coming, here’s some exclusive information about what he’s been up to.

Are you ready?

Can you stand it?

Should I make you wait a few more minutes?

It’s colder today in Toronto. Is it colder where you are?

I miss Marcus. I skyped with him last night. He bayed at the laptop.

Am I annoying?



All week Rob Pattinson has been in Vancouver. He arrived via private on Sunday and had more makeup testing to do – something wasn’t quite right last week so they brought him back to tweak. Since the schedule changed, they decided that while he’s in town, they could start training him. Yes ladies. He’s training. He’s sweating. He’s working on that body. Or let that be your fantasy. Am told it’s primarily stunts.

Last night he was out for dinner. Was approached by a male fan asking for an autograph on a napkin and on his arm.


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  1. Hallo,

    ich finde deine Seite wirklich gut, wäre schön denn du manchmal etwas auf deutsch dazu schreiben würdest.
    Ansonsten mache weiter so und halte uns auf dem laufenden.

    LG Diana