Montag, 29. Dezember 2008

90210 / Twilight

High school is such an otherworldly experience that it works best as a setting when its actors have fangs. Much to-do was made over the summer about the launch of a new Beverly Hills, 90210, but the zeitgeist stayed at least a few area codes away. What the kids were really texting each other about was what was happening on the big screen, Catherine Hardwicke’s slick adaptation of the first book in Stephenie Meyer’s addictive Twilight series. Like the book it’s based on, the film succeeded because it framed teenage heartbreak and longing as a very real matter of life and death: If Bella goes off with Edward, she will be bit in the neck and drained of her blood. Anyone who remembers anything about adolescence knows the metaphor rings true: The throes of first love can feel like a stake through the heart. While the next generation of Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons competed to see who could wear the most expensive shoes on TV, real drama was happening up the coast in Washington state. What does it feel like to be young and powerless, ostracized and desperately searching for a soulmate? The answer could never be found in southern California. This year, teenagers were looking for something with a more authentic bite.

Hierbei wird gesagt, dass Twilight viel autentishcer ist, denn bei Beverly Hills, gehts nur um die neusten Schuhe, und es isein riesen Tv Drama, aber dieses Jahr suchen die Jungen Leute( Tennies) nach was anderem -Twilight-.
(Ich hab nur frei übersetzt, ist nicht schwer zu verstehn der Text, deswegen hab ich nur ne mini zusammenfassung gemacht.)

Und da wir gerade bei Beverly Hills sind, hab ich gleich noch ein Foto von Kellan, der da ja mit dabei ist.

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