Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

Rob und Little Ashes

Rob Originally Planned To Play Lorca?

In a new interview conducted by Good Prattle, Dali actor Robert Pattinson admits he was originally cast as Federico Garcia Lorca in Little Ashes. Furthermore, Pattinson goes into detail about the consequences of his inability to speak Spanish, Dali's signature mustache, shooting locations and researching Dali. Check out the sample below, followed by more Little Ashes talk after the cut!

Okay. I actually wanted to ask you about another role, in Little Ashes, where you play Salvador Dali. How did you become familiar with the subject matter?

Well, I was attached to that for about, I guess, about two years, and I was initially going to play [Federico] García Lorca. And somehow… I don’t know what happened. They asked me to read for Dali, and that was about a year after I—it took ages to get this film made. It was a really interesting script, and about a year after I was in mind for Lorca I read for Dali, and about a year after that they suddenly said, “Oh, we’ve got money, we’re doing it in Spain, and it stars in four days!” [laughter] So I came and I just thought it would be kind of fun—I mean, you know the stuff Dali makes, kind of crazy—and I thought it would be quite fun to do. And I went to Barcelona to shoot this, and I was rehearsing with the guy who was actually going to play Lorca, who’s a Spanish guy who didn’t know how to speak English, and pretty much the entire cast and the entire crew were Spanish. I think we had one English person in it. And I can’t speak Spanish.

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