Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

VD: Now out in the UK, and a lot more stuff to share


look´s like Paul is sleeping, don´t you think?
twitter or what ? "smile"

Private pics, who´s the women next to Ian??
At his birthday!!
he looks good..

Golden Glove Party


Cover from "The Nightfall" (OMFDG) in...

Germany- Oh no, what the hell!!!

Watch all in HQ- you know why- I should say I like the whole Cast

Paul, I love his voice and how he speaks out the words

I like her Voice to, I think I like the voice of the full Cast

It´s Ian, there´s nothing else to say , or should I talk about half an hour about him? See
I´m stoping know...'"smile"

I really like her, she has a beautiful way to speak- like I said, I love the voice of the full Cast-

She is so nice, I like her too

I really really like him, his voice and all, he is kind of hot too -I have to say this-

He´s nice...

She´s great too

His girlfriend, what?? And Oh gosh, he talks about his tattoo(excited)

This was the stuff from the last weeks, I think, XOXO Bigi

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