Sonntag, 21. Februar 2010

Bafta Awards 2010: Kristen is already there OMG Rob : Anna is there too

oh gosh, Rob is at BAFTA, and this look

  • Ok, look at this click on it for zoom, and then say me what you see... you´re right its
"The Wresler" Mickey Rourke
sry girls, but he looks a bit like 17 ? I mean the hair and dont know... last jear you remember? And this time... he look different , how many looks this guy can have??
But he smiles of all the pics, he seems happy, so I´m too
Thanks ROBsessed I´m too "smile"
And he can do the "hair thing"

Ok Carey M. hat den Award für Best Actress und Hurt Locker für Best director und Colin Firth auch verdienter weise Best Actor- das ist der Standt von 22.21-

Really nice dress...

I really love her dress

She´s just so shy, I mean she mentions the other ones( Eisenberg, and Mulligan) and thinks she

don´t get the think... cute... more soon I think

XOXO Bigi, stay tuned

Thanks Lievjournal

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  1. Solange des mit den Haaren noch funktioniert, bast des doch, oda?? : )
    : )

    In find a, des er do moi wirklich wie 17 ausschaud!!