Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Vampire Diaries: New Pics and New Stuff...

Ep 6(Haunted)

Tylers car
L.J. Smith talks to MTV about Twilight, her writing hiatus, Damon in Shadow Souls, and the Vampire Diaries TV series:
If Smith unabashedly favors the bad brother in her books, she’s also becoming a big fan of him on the small screen too. “I especially like Damon; Ian Somerhalder does very well,” she said. “But I really, really like the Elena that they picked, Nina Dobrev. Even though she’s brunette, and not blond, which took some getting used to for me, she’s a great actress. And I love the Stefan that they’ve picked. I just think that they’ve done a terrific job of interpreting it for TV.”

That was by Tyra... OMG this story is OMG....
All Vamp Pics(Ep 5)

Thanks Vampire Diaries...

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