Sonntag, 8. November 2009

New Moon: Press Conference and A Shoot and a lot of new Interviews ( Part 1 )

The whole Cast

I think his style was good at this Event
No no no, don´t do this hand-thing !!!
Oh I´m soo sceared, the Wolf-Pack "smile"
I don´t understand, why the Magazines don´t talk about Nikki and Kellan, they also look very cute, but the Press just talk about Kristen and Rob- and that´s just so wrong-

Im Namen des vaters, und des Sohnes und des heiligen Robert Pattinson´s Armen - das dachte Kate, Isi und ich gestern...

What sould we read?

So good looking in his Jacket

I like this picture´s


This was all pure reckoning

Press Conference- I just found things of Rob-

more on Mr.Pattinson or ROBsessed
I like these pic´s

Just some of the Cast- and after Jimmy Kimmel-

Another BAZAR Outtake

AT: Once all of these Twilight movies are done you will have spent many years filming with the same group of people—would you have any interest in working with them when it's all over?

Kristen: Literally…every single one of them [she said sternly and sweetly].

AT: How about Rob, in particular. Would you see yourself staring in a flick with him again?

Kristen: Yeah, we talk about it all the time.
Das finde ich echt toll

A lot of new Interviews:

B Roll_ New Moon Behind the Scene-i don´t watch it..really-

Rob about Kristen...


XOXO Bigi, man das ist echt ziemlich viel, aber das war´s noch nicht, stay tuned for Part 2

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