Montag, 16. November 2009

Vampire Diaries: Interview KTLA Part 1

I really love it, not just because of Ian or Paul , also because of the fact, that the other part of the whole cast is waiting on the side ... and they can hear anything they both saying...
And I´m really jealous because she bit Ian"smile"
And "smile" there will be more in a few days, because they post more of the Cast e.g
Nina, Katerina, Candice and at least Zach

XOXO bigi, thanks Vamp Diaries, and stay tuned...

SRY: It want embed, so the link is upstairs


  1. Ich Liebe Vampire Diaries !
    Ian Paul und Alle I <3

  2. vampire diaries vampire diaries vampire diaries und ian somerhalder<3<3<3